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AddME Lab

At the Additive Microstructure Engineering (AddME) Lab, we design and produce metallic materials that don't yet exist! We do that by understanding the mechanisms governing solidification of metals during additive manufacturing (AM) processes and use this knowledge to engineer the microstructure from the microscopic scale up to the bulk.

Our activites include developing our own characterization techniques to assess the complex microstructure of metals produced by AM, investigating their mechanical properties as a function of such a microstructure, and devising novel processing strategies to control it to create unique "microstructure architectures" that combine multiple functionalities. It is a bit like playing with a LEGO construction set comprising different microstructures, whch can be combined together at will using AM. Check out our research page to get more information.

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A quick way to check the quality of 3D-printed alloys While at NTU Singapore , the AddME Lab developed a fast and low-cost imaging method that can analyse the structure of 3D-printed metal parts and offer insights into the quality of the material. Most 3D-printed metal alloys consist of a myriad of...

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"3D Nation" by Channel News Asia

Media Coverage

"3D Nation" by Channel News Asia Watch the episode from the mini-series "3D Nation" by CNA, which talks about the amazing collaboration we carried out with Singaporean artist Lakshi Mohanbabu . Together, we 3D printed a metal cube consisting of two crystals with complementary geometry using our...

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Join the AddME Lab!

We are always happy to consider applications for PhD/Postdoc opportunities from motivated students/researchers. Please send your CV and short description about your research interests via email to Dr. Matteo Seita . Postgraduate Student Funding Opportunities There are several opportunities at...